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Click here to view past exhibitions at the Lyonia Gallery, SMP's satelite exhibition space in Deltona, Florida
Frans Lanting
Frans Lanting January 20 - April 29, 2005

"Jungles" is a personal exploration of nature in the tropics by master photographer, storyteller, and naturalist Frans Lanting. In a unique collection of images made over a period of 20 years in jungles from the lowlands of the Congo to the cloud forests of the Andes, Lanting interprets the aesthetic splendor and the remarkable natural history of the tropical rainforest - a realm of bewildering complexity where nothing is the way it first appears...MORE

Image on left: Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog, Panama © Frans Lanting
Michael "Nick" Nichols
Brutal Kinship
Michael Nichols March 4 - June 20, 2005

In Brutal Kinship, Nichols, one of the most superb animal photographers working today, reveals the sometimes fine line between probing inquiry and mistreatment of these creatures, between the love and exploitation of them, in practices such as circuses, animal testing and “domestication.”...MORE

Image on left: The Touch - Dr. Jane Goodall and JouJou © Michael Nichols
Gordon Parks (Daytona Beach News-Journal Archives)
Homefront: Daytona Beach During the War Years
Gordon Parks March 4 - July 31, 2005

A pivotal time in the nation's history is brought to life through this exhibit which highlights the important role that Volusia and Flagler counties played in the nation's effort in World War II and the war's impact on local people...Click here for exhibition brochure (pdf)

Image on left: © Gordon Parks
Departures II
Graduating student exhibition (DBCC)
May 14 - August 26, 2005

For more than 30 years, Daytona Beach Community College graduates have taken their place among the leading photographers of the nation. The success of DBCC's graduates attests to their skill, drive and resourcefulness as well as the way that their interest in the medium was nurtured, informed and developed...Click here for exhibition brochure (pdf)
London Symphony Orchestra
Florida International Festival Archives
LSO Archives June 30 - July 30, 2005

This exhibition was originally presented at the Southeast Museum of Photography in conjunction with the 2005 Florida International Festival and the 2005 Residency Season of the London Symphony Orchestra in Daytona Beach. All the images are drawn from the archives of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO)...MORE

Image on left: Michael Tiloson Thomas © Jacqueline Wyatt, Courtesy of the LSO Archives
Nancy Hellebrand
Appearnaces (A Way of Seeing)
Nancy Hellebrand August 24 - October 16, 2005

Nancy Hellebrand's subject matter has become ever more abstracted with a consistent orientation towards refining and simplifying her subjects to their essence. This exhibit displays large scale cloud and waterscapes in color that are instances of pared down and distilled emotions....MORE

Image on left: Cloud #413 © Nancy Hellebrand
Howard Rubenstein
Nature's Unearthly Facts (A Way of Seeing)
Howard Rubenstein August 24 - October 16, 2005

“The canyon pieces take the viewer into a place that is in our world, but not of our world. We are in a photographic reality, in black-and-white, with illuminated forms that are both spatial and mysterious, full of convoluted contours that move from wave-like expanses to small light filled apertures. These forms were captured photographically on the Navajo Indian reservation in north central Arizona; the lower Antelope "slot" canyons. These narrow fissures formed by the erosion of flowing water over thousands of years are sixty to one hundred feet below the earth’s surface and six to ten feet wide, accessible only with an Indian guide.” – Howard Rubenstein...MORE

Image on left: Cavern #2 © Howard Rubenstein
Diane Tuft
Empherma (A Way of Seeing)
Diane Tuft August 24 - October 16, 2005

Distillationsis a series comprised of photographs of snow and ice formations in Colorado; Tunisian Fantasy is a reflection upon the mutable and shifting forms and textures of sand dunes; Iceland brings images of glacial ice forms; and, her most recent work, prints produced in the Gum Bichromate process...MORE

Image on left: #11 Icelandic Glaciers © Diane Tuft
John Paul Caponigro
Reflections (A Way of Seeing)
John Paul Caponigro August 24 - October 16, 2005

John Paul Caponigro is recognized as a pioneer and master practitioner of digital photography and printing. The images in this exhibition are drawn from “Reflections”, Caponigro’s first major solo museum exhibition.

"In all of my work, there is an obsession with looking at, through, and into surfaces. Reading the face of nature is an overwhelming process. It fills one with wonder. There is a highly psychological element to this work." – John Paul Caponigro...MORE

Image on left: Enchambered © John Paul Caponigro
Ron Haviv
Blood and Honey
Ron Haviv September 16 - December 11, 2005

The Civil War and ethnic turmoil in Yugoslavia during the 1990’s are captured in Ron Haviv’s compelling and unique record of inhumanity in the heart of Europe. Blood and Honey shows us not only the major news events like the “ethnic-cleansing”, Serbian concentration camps, para-military atrocities and the destruction of ancient cities and culture, but he also gives us a glimpse into the lives of the ordinary people swept up in the chaos...MORE

Image on left: Bosnian Soldiers, Sarajevo, 1994 © Ron Haviv
Alex Webb
Alex Webb
September 16 - December 11, 2005

The United States-Mexico border is a narrow strip where cultural differences between the two lands are blurred and an atmosphere of transience and crossings dominates. For the last twenty-five years Alex Webb has documented this rich, diverse and contentious border region. In this exhibition his complex and poignant images capture the humor, pathos, paradox, and tragedy of life in a place of perpetual flux, transience and volatility...MORE

Image on left: San Ysidro, CA - Arrest of Border Crossers © Alex Webb
Eudora Welty
Passionate Observer
Eudora Welty
November 11, 2005 - Jaunary 29, 2006

Eudora Welty is widely known as one of America’s great writers, but she was also a photographer of great skill and sensitivity. Her early use of photography left a profound impression on her writing, teaching her that "Life doesn't hold still," as she explained in One Writer's Beginnings. "Photography taught me that to be able to capture transience, by being ready to click the shutter at the crucial moment, was the greatest need I had." What Welty reveals in her photography is more than a record of the times; she captures the courage, dignity and spirit of ordinary people in their struggle with daily living conditions during an era of economic instability and personal uncertainty in the Depression...MORE

Image on left: Tomato Packers’ Recess, Crystal Springs © Eudora Welty
Burk Uzzle
A Family Named Spot
Burk Uzzle
November 11, 2005 - January 29, 2006

Burk Uzzle discovers and celebrates the quirky displays of patriotism, childhood, and fantasy that are unique to America. Through humor and charm, Burk Uzzle has continued his four-decade exposition on how Americans display their idiosyncratic dreams and aspirations....MORE

“America is the most exotic country in the world. It is also the loneliest.” Burk Uzzle

Image on left: A Family Named Spot, Daytona Beach, FL, 1997 © Burk Uzzle

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