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Images: Found and Lost
Lorna Bieber, Three Birds/Front View, 2000 January 29 - May 26, 2011

Lorna Bieber uses collage, paint, photocopier and computer technology to build “one-off” traditional silver photographs. Presented as large murals and wall-sized collages; these images select unnoticed, archetypal and poignant elements from found imagery and anonymous, generic magazine illustrations to create a remote and contemplative interior world of memory, ambiguity, dream and loss...MORE.

Image to the left: Three Birds/Front View, 2000 by Lorna Bieber.
The Mark of Water: Florida's Springs and Swamps
Karen Glaser, Leon's Dome, 2009 January 29 - May 26, 2011

For more than two decades Karen Glaser has documented amazing worlds beneath the surface of water. Her photography for this exhibition was made “inside” Florida’s springs, swamps and waterways and it provides a unique interpretation of these distinctive environments. Her color images are not mere documents of Florida’s underwater wonderlands; they convey the mystery and primordial power of this alien environment in a unique and personal view and one that is unfamiliar, alluring and visceral...MORE.

Image to the left: Leon’s Dome, 2009 by Karen Glaser.
Signs and Wonders
Stuart Rome, Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine, FL February 19 - May 13, 2011

Stuart Rome followed in the footsteps of many of the great pro-genitors of natural science and journeyed to the heart of the Florida Peninsula. His celebrated landscape images draw their inspiration and take their lead from the writings, journals, and illustrations of many of these important early naturalists. They examine the visual evidence present in the landscape of our cultural priorities and history and expand upon the standard landscape vocabulary to build a complex language of layers, networks and connections in the landscape...MORE.

Image to the left: Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine, FL by Stuart Rome.
Jerry Englehart, Jr., Jim Gavenus, Craig Litten, Michael McElroy, Travis Ruse, Quenby Sheree and Lisa Stone
Michael McElroy May 25 - July 30, 2011

The Alumni Focus exhibition at the Southeast Museum of Photography presents photographic works from distinguished alumni of the photographic studies programs at Daytona State College and the University of Central Florida (Daytona Beach). This summer’s Alumni Focus features the work of Michael McElroy, Jerry Englehart, Jr., Jim Gavenus, Craig Litten, Travis Ruse, Quenby Sheree and Lisa Stone...MORE.

Image to the left: Mumbai, 2010 by Michael McElroy.
Gary Monroe
Gary Monroe May 25 - July 30, 2011

The Faculty Focus exhibition presents photographic works from faculty of the photography studies programs at Daytona State College and the University of Central Florida (Daytona Beach). This year’s featured Faculty Focus is Gary Monroe, an integral artist-educator at Daytona State College and an established documentary photographer. Over the years, Monroe has photographed all over the world: from Brazil to Israel; Poland to the Caribbean...MORE.

Image to the left: Sixth Street, South Beach, FL, 1978 by Gary Monroe.
A Juried Exhibition of Graduating Student Photography from Daytona State College and the University of Central Florida
Robert Biferie June 7 - July 30, 2011

Departures is an annual juried exhibition that presents photography by graduating students of the Daytona State College and the University of Central Florida photography programs. Twenty eight graduating students are featured in this exhibition, which was juried by Robert Sindelir, director of the Kendall Campus Art Gallery of Miami-Dade Community College...MORE.

Image to the left: Reaching to the Sun by Robert Biferie.
September 11 - here is new york
Christophe Agou August 18 – October 2, 2011

This powerful set of photographs is drawn from the Permanent Collection of the Southeast Museum of Photography. The original exhibition was organized in response to the World Trade Center tragedy of 2001, and to the unprecedented flood of images that resulted from that event.

"here is new york" was originally organized by four individuals in the days immediately following the destruction of the World Trade Center. The exhibition began during the third week of September in a small vacant storefront on Prince Street in Soho, which was owned by one of the organizers and where he had taped up a nondescript picture of the World Trade Center in the front window on September 11. As soon as the call for submissions went out, the response was immediate and overwhelming. By Christmas, over fifteen hundred photographers had contributed more than four thousand images, and more than two hundred and fifty thousand people had made their way to Prince Street to view them...MORE.

Image to the left by Christophe Agou.
Ed Grazda, Louie Palu, Lucian Perkins and Christopher Sims
Louie Palu August 18 – October 2, 2011

After ten years of turmoil, uncertainty and conflict we confront the anniversary of the events of September 11th. What has happened since then, and how have photographers helped shape our understanding of these complex events and the circumstances surrounding them? Four photographers and four dramatically different records are presented alongside images made at the actual site of what has become known as “ground zero” on that September day in 2001.

Each photographer has created a unique archive that powerfully articulates their own particular understanding of the forces in play in these events. Drawing from the fields of portraiture, documentary and reportage photography; each series forms an authentic and engaging facet of the not-yet-complete archive of an elusive global conflict, and a series of wars that have not yet fully ended.

Featuring the photography of Ed Grazda, Louie Palu, Lucian Perkins and Christopher Sims...MORE

Image to the left: Afghanistan: Garmsir Marines, 2008 by Louie Palu.
Portraits from Afghanistan
Khalid Hadi September 9 – December 16, 2011

These portraits of wounded fighters, orphans and children injured by land mines and bombs form a moving visual record of the toll taken on the population of Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation. A selection of nearly 60 images in the exhibition is drawn from more than 5,000 portraits produced by Khalid Hadi...MORE.

Curated by Ed Grazda
Image to the left by Khalid Hadi.
A Photographer's Journey after 9/11
Kate Brooks September 9 – December 16, 2011

This exhibition is a collection of photographs and personal essays that chronicle a young photographer’s ten-year odyssey since September 11th. Now, on the eve of the tenth anniversary of those fateful events, Kate Brooks’ perilous journeys through all of the major conflicts in the world in this past decade is recorded in a series of gripping essays and installations...MORE.

Image to the left: From the Series, Afghanistan, by Kate Brooks.
Fifty Years of Photography
Douglas Kirkland October 21, 2011 – February 19, 2012

Renowned for his work in photojournalism, celebrity portraiture and film photography, Douglas Kirkland’s retrospective is a compelling look into a career in photography spanning over five decades. With just under 200 images, this exhibition features portraits of celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, 'Coco' Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and other icons, alongside iconic stills taken on the sets of acclaimed films such as The Sound of Music (1965), Out of Africa (1985), Titanic (1997) and Australia (2008)...MORE.

Image to the left: Marilyn Monroe, 1961 by Douglas Kirkland.

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