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Past Exhibitions
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Click here to view past exhibitions at the Lyonia Gallery, SMP's satellite exhibition space in Deltona, FL.

Click here to view past exhibitions at The Atlantic Center for the Arts, SMP's satellite exhibition space in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Ken and Melanie Light
Black and white photograph of man with cowboy hat sitting in front of a wall with a mural on it. January 24 – April 19, 2014

Valley of Shadows and Dreams is the result of a five year photographic and literary exploration of California's Central Valley, a region known for its agricultural plenty--and the marginalization of its people. Ken Light’s photographic imagery combined with Melanie Light’s insightful essays reveal the harsh truths of farm workers' daily experience and take a hard look at the legacies of politics, bureaucracy and control in the region...MORE.

Image: Food Line, Westside Community Center, Mendota, California, 2009 by Ken Light.
Sierra Goodrich
Silhouette image of a girl with sunrise in background. May 6 – July 13, 2014

Youth In Focus is the first installment of a new Kidspace series at the Southeast Museum of Photography (SMP) that features the work of talented young photographers in Volusia County between 12-17 years old. This exhibition features the work of 16 year old photographer Sierra Goodrich, whose work came to the museum’s attention through her continued involvement with SMP youth programs over the past 6 years...MORE.

Image: Untitled by Sierra Goodrich.

Mujeres Mexicana
Mexican Women Photographers
From the Collection of the Southeast Museum of Photography
Sepia toned photograph of hispanic woman walking with flag draped over her shoulder. February 28 – May 25, 2014

This exhibition presents photographs by six of the most prominent female photographers associated with Mexico. These women are distinguished by their unique styles and their commitment to subjects of continuing relevance in Mexico...MORE.

Image: Woman with Flag, 1928 by Tina Modotti.
El ojo fino / The Exquisite Eye
Lola Álvarez Bravo, Kati Horna, Mariana Yampolsky, Graciela Iturbide, Flor Garduño, Yolanda Andrade, Alicia Ahumada,
Ángeles Torrejón, Maya Goded.
Black and white image of statue with wings. February 28 – May 25, 2014

Each woman represented in the exhibition is a strong artist, able to stand alone but together they are a formidable force and a mexican voice that will speak with universal resonance beyond the twenty-first century” – Connie Todd, Curator, Wittliff Gallery of Southwest & Mexican Photography...MORE.

Image: Ángel exterminador / Exterminating Angel,1991 by Mariana Yampolsky.
Graduating Student Photography from the University of Central Florida (Daytona Beach)
Photograph of a girl with wind-blown hair, looking at a picture of ship with ship in the water in front of her. May 6 – July 30, 2014

From landscapes, loves, leaves, and litter, to portraits, prom and pain, a wide photographic terrain is covered in this year’s annual University of Central Florida Thesis Exhibition, now in its third year at the Southeast Museum of Photography. The students’ thesis work involves photographic explorations of topics that are personal and public, color and black-and-white, moving and still. This work is a culmination of four years of study in photography...MORE.

Image: Untitled, 2013 by Katie McPherson.
A Juried Student Exhibition
A gray/green colored grainy image of a young man looking out onto the water.
May 6 – July 30, 2014

Departures is a juried exhibition that highlights photography by recent graduates of the Daytona State College photography program. This is the eighth year that the Southeast Museum of Photography has had the honor of showcasing the work of these recent graduates and it will continue to be a yearly summer event at the museum...MORE.

Image: Ponder, 2014 by Reagan Kelsey.
Obsessions, Curiosities, and Fancies - M. Laine Wyatt, University of Central Florida
Landscape image of a woman standing on the side of a road with luggage behind her. June 11 – September 21, 2014

Faculty Focus exhibitions present photographic works from faculty of the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies, a joint enterprise of the photography programs at Daytona State College, the University of Central Florida (Daytona Campus) and the Southeast Museum of Photography. This year's University of Central Florida faculty spotlight is Photography Professor M. Laine Wyatt. Wyatt has been exhibiting her photography in group and solo exhibitions across the United States and abroad since the early 1980s. This exhibition focuses selectively on five bodies of work, which traverse expansive topics: the nature of women’s relationship to clothing, the physiological landscape of grief, uninhabited interior public spaces, a contemporary observation of the fair, and evocations of longing...MORE.

Image: Contemporary Untitled Film Still #48, from the series, Obsession/Compulsion by M. Laine Wyatt.
Of One and The Other - Jayanti Seiler, Daytona State College
Photograph of young man sitting on knees holding a taxidermied deers head. June 11 – September 21, 2014

Faculty Focus exhibitions present photographic works from faculty of the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies, a joint enterprise of the photography programs at Daytona State College, the University of Central Florida (Daytona Campus) and the Southeast Museum of Photography. This year's Daytona State College faculty spotlight is photography professor Jayanti Seiler and her most recent body of work titled "Of One and The Other". In these photographs, dichotomous and complex relationships between people and animals are explored through found and constructed human-animal encounters. They are a call to revere the natural world while living in a modern one in which the two realms often conflict...MORE.

Image: Untitled, from the series, Of One and The Other by Jayanti Seiler.
Pictorial and Modern Photographs from the Syracuse University Art Collection
Black and white photograph of men, women, and children on deck of a ship. September 12 – December 13, 2014

The photographers included in this exhibition have extensive histories that span thematic periods and artistic styles. Taking their cues from Master Photographers like Edward Steichen, artists such as Berenice Abbott and Manuel Alvarez Bravo built on that foundation in order to explore the very art of photography. Utilizing their cameras, they created a new, modern vision for photography with a revised understanding of the camera and its capabilities. No longer tied to a pictorial past, these artists, and others, gave photography its own unique definition as an art form based solely on its ability to capture and create striking images. As a result, they too are considered Master Photographers...MORE.

Image: The Steerage, 1907 by Alfred Steiglitz.

The Growth of a Collection
Part 1: 1981-2001

Blue tinted image of forest with bushes and white flowers. September 12 – December 13, 2014

In celebration of the roots and early history of the permanent collection of the Southeast Museum of Photography, The Growth of a Collection highlights just the first 20 years of collecting, beginning with acquisitions by what was then Daytona Beach Community College’s Gallery of Fine Arts, directed by Dan Biferie from 1981 to 1991. Biferie initiated the plans to found the new Southeast Museum of Photography, which opened its doors in April of 1992....MORE.

Image: Hobblebush, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN, 1968 by Eliot Porter.
Judith Fox

Photograph of the Pacific Ocean with seaweed and girls swimming in the water. October 10, 2014 – February 15, 2015

Judith Fox has been focusing her camera on a small stretch of the ocean since 2001. The resulting body of work, Sea of Dreams, speaks to the deep and joyous primal relationship humans have with the sea; to the part the sea plays in our lives, art, and mythology; and to the secrets the ocean still keeps from us....MORE.

Image: © Judith Fox.
Alejandro Almaraz

Layerd photograph of all the presidents of Argentina from 1826 to 1892. October 10, 2014 – February 15, 2015

This exhibition presents two recent series by Argentinian photographer, Alejandro Almaraz. In his series, Portraits of Power, Almaraz layers source material from paintings and photographic portraits of world leaders into single images, revealing subtle nuances within the traditional portrait across numerous countries. Almaraz also presents work from his series titled Places I’ve Never Been Present, utilizing a similar layering method to create representations of these places through existing images found on the Internet...MORE.

Image: All the Presidents of Argentina from 1826 to 1892, 2008 by Alejandro Almaraz.

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