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Bill Armstrong, Lorna Bieber, Kathryn Dunlevie, Yuri Kuper

May 18 - September 3, 2004

New photographic art engaging the themes of representation, reality and illusion. Features the work of Kathryn Dunlevie, Lorna Bieber, Bill Armstrong and Yuri Kuper. This is the fourth in the museum’s continuing series of Fresh Work exhibitions.

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Bill Armstrong
© Bill Armstrong
The Infinity Series

“"The Infinity Series" is photo-collage made seamless by setting the camera’s focusing ring at infinity. This sleight of hand allows me to conjure a mysterious tromp l'oeil world that hovers between the real and the fantastic. It is a world just beyond our grasp, where place may be suggested, but is never defined, and where the identity of the amorphous figures remains in question. It is a world that might exist in memory, in dreams, or perhaps, in a parallel universe yet unvisited. –Bill Armstrong ...MORE

Lorna Bieber
© Lorna Bieber
Recent Work

“I'm a "Finder.” I look around the world and feel compelled to uncover and reveal the vital, hidden images trapped within pre-existing ones. These are then reinterpreted through a broad range of media, which may include one or more of the following techniques: cropping, collage, paint, copier and computer technology, as well as traditional and non-traditional photographic techniques. This complex, many-layered method of production results in unique gelatin silver prints that reveal unnoticed, unappreciated, and poignant images previously imbedded within their generic sources.” –Lorna Bieber...MORE

Kathryn Dunlevie
© Kathryn Dunlevie
Not at First Glance

“Dunlevie’s perspectival experimentations bring to mind the Cubist compositions of Leger, Picasso and Braque, which undoubtedly conjured similar sensations of chaos and disquietude within their contemporary audiences. These artists also drew inspiration from city life, utilizing fragmented, multipart perspectives to express the onslaught of stimuli offered by their urban surrounds. Apart from being able to meld separate physical spaces into one harmonious composition, however, Dunlevie is most artful in her capacity to collapse different time periods into a single image or thought. The past and the present are thus blended into an overlapping narrative in the same way that our day-to-day experience might be peppered by memories of the past or altered by our dreams for the future.” –Berin Golonu...MORE

Yuri Kuper
© Yuri Kuper
Living Within The Surface

“I let the surface dictate the process...I simply begin the process, and I try to live within the surface. The simplicity of the objects is very important. Simple shapes are key...It is a question of re-incarnation, I refuse to take something that only looks old. Some objects have this chemistry inside them, a memory of their own.” –Yuri Kuper...MORE

This is the fourth in the museum’s continuing series of Fresh Work exhibitions. The Southeast Museum of Photography would like to acknowledge the enthusiastic participation of the four artists represented here. Without their vision, creativity and persistence this exhibition concept would not have become reality. The catalogue essay by art historian Dr. James Murphy is a thoughtful and engaging critique of the work of these important contemporary artists.

We also wish to acknowledge the generous loan of original artwork by the contributing artists. We are especially grateful to Phebe Carter and the staff of the Franklin Bowles Gallery, New York for their assistance in securing the loan of works by Yuri Kuper from a number of private collections.

Installation Images:
Women's Worlds Exhibition - Installation Images Women's Worlds Exhibition - Installation Images Women's Worlds Exhibition - Installation Images

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