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September, 2016 "Orlando’s rapidly expanding cultural scene presents a fresh array of theater, music, art, comedy, dance—even a stellar speaker", Orlando Magazine, Arts & Entertainment Season Preview
March 9, 2016 "In pictures: the W* photography desk's daily digest of visual inspiration", Wallpaper Magazine,
Art Section
March 2016 "Community Spotlight on Art", Natural Awakenings, Volusia/Flagler, pg. 8
March 3, 2016 "Exhibit / IN EXILE: Paris and New York, The Photographs of Fred Stein", Crave
February 27, 2016 "Fred Stein: IN EXILE: Paris and New York", MONOVISIONS, Black & White Photography Magazine
October 1, 2015 "Henry Horenstein: ANIMALIA @ Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach", On View Magazine, October/December 2015 Issue, pg. 56

September 10, 2015 "Gordon Parks' Daytona photos go on exhibit", By Rick de Yampert, Daytona News Journal, GO 386 Culture & the Arts

September 10, 2015 "Black Daytona, 70 years ago, Exhibit showcases ‘Midway’ through Gordon Parks photos", Daytona Times, Year 40 No. 37

September 10, 2015 "BLACK DAYTONA BEACH IN THE 1940s, A community at a crossroads: Part 1", Daytona Times, Year 40 No. 37

June 18, 2015 "St. Augustine Photographers Honored by Southeast Museum of Photography", Monarch Studio blog

July/September 2015 "SPOTLIGHT (Photography Biennial) - Alumni Focus 2015: Commercial Success in Florida", On View Magazine

May 1, 2015 "Museum is right where it needs to be", Hometown News, Vol. 10 No. 15
March 26, 2015 "Photographer Gives Concert", The Daytona Beach News Journal, Go 386
February 27, 2015 "Warhol gets more than 15 minutes at area museum", The Daytona Beach News Journal, Go 386
January/March 2015 "Colin Finlay: Of Consequence", On View Magazine
November 5, 2014 "Two new photo shows display unexpected emotional power", Orlando Weekly, Arts & Culture
October 30, 2014 "'Pure Photography' at Southeast Museum of Photography", Orlando Sentinel
October 2014 "Portraits of Power, Photographs and text by Alejandro Almaraz", Lensculture
May 2014 "Double Exposure: Works by UCF, DSC grads on exhibit at the Southeast Museum of Photography" The Daytona Beach News Journal, GO 386
February 2014 "Noor film festival sheds light on Iran" The Daytona Beach News Journal, Living

February 2014 "El Ojo Fino: Contemporary Women Photographers in Mexico" Photo Exhibitions
November 8, 2013 "Photog finds Zen in Lyonia" Daytona Beach News Journal, GO386, Local
October/December 2013 "FOCUS: Rebecca Norris Webb" On View Magazine, pg 124-125
April/June 2013 "IMPACT" On View Magazine featuring Dana Popa "not Natasha", Natan Dvir "Eighteen", Irina Rozovsky "A Perpetual Hold", pgs 69-93

September 14, 2012 "Photos capture girls caught 'between two worlds'" Daytona Beach News Journal, GO386, Culture & the Arts

September 14, 2012 "Photogs took a wide view of early 20th-century Florida" Daytona Beach News Journal, GO386, Culture & the Arts

August/September 2012 "Insight {Rania Matar} A Girl and Her Room" On View Magazine, pg 104-105
July 31, 2012 "Photography Academy Clicks with Students" Daytona Beach News Journal, Local
July 13, 2012 "SE Museum of Photography puts 2 exhibits in spotlight" Daytona Beach News Journal, GO386
June 8, 2012 "Daytona State College showcases works by photography students" Daytona Beach News Journal, GO386

February/March 2012 "Vintage Blends" On View Magazine, pg 78-95
January 29, 2012 "Capturing Ritual" Curtis Wehrfritz, Daytona Beach News Journal, pg 4F
October 16, 2011 "Star Power" Daytona Beach News Journal MyWeek, Cover and pg 3F
October/November 2011 "Douglas Kirkland: 50 Years of Photography" On View Magazine, pg 74-85
August/September 2011 "The Power of the Image" On View Magazine, Cover Story, pg 38-53
May/June 2011 "The Southeast Museum of Photography: Exhibiting Talent From Local Colleges" Halifax Magazine, pg 24-25
April 2011 "Kate Brooks: In the Light of Darkness" Schilt Publishing Promo pg 4-5
April/May 2011 "SPOTLIGHT: Karen Glaser" On View Magazine, pg 92-93
February/March 2011 "FOCUS: Stuart Rome" On View Magazine, pg 82-83
December 2010 / January 2011 "FOCUS: Lorna Bieber" On View Magazine, pg 90-91
August/September 2010 "FOCUS: Jonathan Torgovnik" On View Magazine, pg 88-89
February 12, 2010 "African-Americans in front of and behind the camera" Hometown News, pg A9

May/June 2009 "Understory" Flagler Magazine pg 38

April 26, 2009 "Illuminating Nature" Daytona Beach News Journal, pg 9F

October 3, 2008 "Independent Lens: Greenberg Works on Display" Daytona Beach News Journal, Accent

October 2, 2008 "Magic of Reality: Pedro Meyer" Daytona Beach News Journal, Accent

September 24, 2008 "Welcome to Persepolis" Daytona Beach News Journal, My Week: Arts

September 8, 2008 "Photos preserve beauty" (Lee Dunkel) Daytona Beach News Journal, Section C

August 31, 2008 "Gorgeous Grayscale" (Lee Dunkel) Daytona Beach News Journal, Travel & Arts

August 24, 2008 "DSC professor's films to be screened" (Eric Breitenbach) Daytona Beach News Journal, Travel & Arts

June 29, 2008 "Let Us Now Praise Artist's Skillful Eye" (Eric Breitenbach) Orlando Sentinel, The Arts

June 29, 2008 "Life Stories: Other Places, Other People" (Eric Breitenbach) Daytona Beach News Journal, Travel & Arts

June 21, 2008 "Art from the Sun" (Jerry Burchfield) Daytona Beach News Journal, Local

May 25, 2008 "Southeast Museum Photos Great 'Departures'" Daytona Beach News Journal, Travel And Arts

January 14, 2008 "Afghanistan: 2 perspectives on a country ripped apart by constant war" Daytona Beach News Journal

January 2008 "Afghan Girl Finds Home at DBCC Photo Museum" Daytona Beach News Journal, Go!The Arts

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