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Florida's Springs and Swamps
Karen Glaser

Traveling Exhibition Information

Karen Glaser


Thirty-seven (37) pigment prints on a photo rag, matted. All prints are presented in black metal anodized frames with Plexiglass glazing. Frames are not wired. Digital text panel files are available. Images and sizes as per checklist (available upon request).

Required Space
Two Hundred to Two Hundred Fifty (200-250) linear feet.

Loan Fee
A low to moderate loan fee applies to this exhibition and is based on the loan period requested. The participating institution will be required to pay insurance and two-way shipping costs.

Loan Period
6-10 weeks

All tour venues will be contractually required to carry appropriate and adequate wall-to-wall insurance coverage and to provide suitable documentation of such prior to shipment to that venue.

The Exhibition Coordinator of the Southeast Museum of Photography will coordinate and approve all shipping arrangements.

Security, environmental and fire systems required. Facility report must be provided.

The exhibition will be available through 2012.

Juliana Romnes, Exhibition Coordinator. or phone (386) 506-3350.
Southeast Museum of Photography, 1200 W International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Karen Glaser
Karen Glaser

For more than two decades Karen Glaser has documented amazing worlds beneath the surface of water. Her photography for this exhibition was made "inside" Florida's springs, swamps and waterways and it provides a unique interpretation of these distinctive environments. Her images convey the mystery and power of this environment in a unique and personal view and one that is unfamiliar, alluring and visceral. Glaser evokes this otherworldly aquatic realm as no other photographer has done before.


"These photographs were made in a geographical location that is both seductive and sickening. This place is Florida, home to some of the most unique and breathtaking ecosystems in the world. But it is no secret that Florida is a victim of its own allure. Along with these remarkable environments, it is screaming with out of control development. I am not interested in making pictures of what created this mayhem; it's all over the media. The New Yorker in April 2009 had an article about what happens in communities near the Everglades when non-native species invade. In July 2009 the national nightly news had a story about a 14-foot python eating a 6-foot alligator. We all know what post Disney strip malls, towering condominiums and McMansions look like. I want to show what you haven't seen.

The pictures are from two related bodies of work: Springs and Swamps. The first series was shot in the pristine freshwater rivers and springs of north and central Florida. This exploration and the resulting photographs inspired a trek to the southern part of the state where the most magnificent primordial swamps are located in Big Cypress National Preserve and its neighbor, Everglades National Park. Parts of the park and preserve are a mere forty-five minutes from the sprawl of Miami to the east and Naples to the west, much of these areas are wild and untouched. Via the good fortune of Artist-in-Residence awards from both the park and the preserve I got to explore this vibrant and organic region. The tie that binds these extraordinary regions and these photographs together is water. Much of this underwater world is primordial, alien and seductive.
" —Karen Glaser

Karen Glaser

"The wetland environments of Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park contain many unique ecosystems including freshwater and saltwater marshes, dry and wet prairies, hardwood hammocks, mangrove forests, vast acres of primeval swamp, and of course the river of grass. The tie that binds these extraordinary regions and these photographs together is water. Much of this underwater world is primordial, alien and disquieting; and only partially touched by the hand of culture and society." —Karen Glaser

Pensacola State College
Jan 22 – Mar 15, 2012

Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, Edison College
November 19 - December 3, 2011

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