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AL SOL: Photographs from Mexico, Cameroon and Nicaragua
Stella Johnson

Traveling Exhibition Information

Stella Johnson


Forty-six (46) inkjet prints, matted. All prints are presented in black metal anodized frames with Plexiglass glazing. Frames are not wired. Framed Dimensions: 30x40. Digital text panel files are available.

Required Space
Two Hundred to Two Hundred Fifty (200-250) linear feet.

Loan Fee
A low to moderate loan fee applies to this exhibition and is based on the loan period requested. The participating institution will be required to pay insurance and two-way shipping costs.

Loan Period
6-10 weeks

All tour venues will be contractually required to carry appropriate and adequate wall-to-wall insurance coverage and to provide suitable documentation of such prior to shipment to that venue.

The Exhibition Coordinator of the Southeast Museum of Photography will coordinate and approve all shipping arrangements.

Security, environmental and fire systems required. Facility report must be provided.

The exhibition will be available through 2012.

Juliana Romnes, Exhibition Coordinator. or phone (386) 506-3350.
Southeast Museum of Photography, 1200 W International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Stella Johnson

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Stella Johnson
Stella Johnson is both a passionate photographer and compassionate observer of simple rural life in Africa and Central America. Living with the people that she photographs, Johnson is able to cross the line to capture the many beautiful and intimate moments that make up ordinary situations; moments that allow us inside the lives of the people and of daily village life. Complex, layered and eloquent portraits rendered in a sumptuous palette of black and white bring us a life-affirming sense of joy and wonder at so many of life’s simple experiences. Love, family, dignity, community and respect ring through her luminous images.


Villages seen down dusty roads: difficult to reach physically, and once there, difficult to enter and fully understand. Living off the land, daily tasks take over: hauling the water from the well, getting firewood. No flick of the switch. In my work, I live alongside the people and photograph moments of their lives to add to the collective memory. My Greek grandmothers were raised in villages like these. These are my roots and in making these photographs I find my home. My ancestry informs my work.

In 1987, I went to Mexico to photograph women's lives. I found it wasn't that simple. Village life works on its own time. I came across Juanita selling her black pottery at her home on the outskirts of Oaxaca. I asked if I could stay and photograph. The next day I returned and asked again. I kept returning until my presence was woven into their daily existence. I have continued returning to Juanita's house every year since then. Each year, I've watched her family grow and change. I have become Godmother to her granddaughter. I found Carmen Roche in Guanajuato, Mexico in 1988. Cameroon followed and then Nicaragua.

As I return to each of these places, I return to my roots. Years of memories and patience come together to comprise the photographs that have become Al Sol. My photographs reflect the collective human experience in the ordinary moments of daily life. My intention is to transcend those moments, elevating them into universal social landscapes. I am interested in the interior gaze, the external expression and the intangible social currency of everyday life. These intimate moments reference identity, family relationships, and life.

Stella Johnson

  "Stella Johnson's photographs are poems weighted with grace, dignity and compassion...In each of these villages we see people often performing the same simple tasks, yet in Stella's hands each image is a thing unto itself because of her respect for the individual and specific moment." —Constantine Manos

Blue Sky Gallery, Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts
October 7 - October 31, 2010


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